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Download South Park (Season 20) (2016 USA, Comedy Central) - Lang: English (WEB MKV 720p 3.33Gb)

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Film description:

The twentieth season of the American animated sitcom South Park premiered on Comedy Central on September 14, 2016 and ended on December 7, 2016, containing ten episodes. As with most seasons of the show, all episodes are written and directed by series co-creator and co-star Trey Parker. Like the previous two seasons, this season features an episode-to-episode continuity, but unlike the previous two, the continuity is more linear, as if the whole season is one story arc. This season featured recurring themes focusing on Internet trolls, nostalgia, and the 2016 United States presidential election. This season also had planned "dark weeks", weeks where no new episodes would air, which has been done since the 19th season. These were after episode three, episode six, and episode eight.

South Park (Season 20)

Information about the film:

Original Title: South Park
Country, Channel: USA, Comedy Central
Release Date: 2016
Genres: Animation, Comedy
Creator: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Brian Graden
Cast: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Isaac Hayes, Mona Marshall, April Stewart
Runtime: 22min
Language: English
Episodes: 10
Quality: WEB MKV 720p 3.33Gb
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South Park (Season 20)

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Funny, Crazy, and Awesome - Great Series That Was Ruined by Season 20!

South Park is one of my favorite shows to watch, it makes me laugh and it makes me happy. I'll be honest there's plenty of episodes that I do not like but there's more of them I do. The newest season is really good and keeps a storyline which is different from the others. If you haven't seen South Park before I would definitely do so if you aren't offended easily. It's great at showing plenty of emotions like in the Episode 'Chef goes Nanners' Wendy and Cartman show to have feelings for each other. But in the next episode Cartman hates Wendy and doesn't want her to be in their band. I could use more examples but I don't want to write too much. Please check out the show as I think you'll enjoy it!

The newest season of South Park is absolutely awful. Not only was it garbage but there was so much potential for it, but they wasted it all on the US election and memberberries (Which are more annoying than Jar Jar Binks). Those could've easily been their own episode but Matt and Trey just decided to reuse the same jokes over and over again. There were so many things they could've destroyed this year but they didn't. Where was the Harambe episode? Where was the Music.ly episode? Where was the Pokemon Go episode? The jokes weren't even funny thisseason, I probably only actually laughed maybe 3 times, which is horrible considering I used to laugh every second of every episode not too long ago.

I started watching the show when I was 14, and I found it very interesting. The show was released in 1997, and will be over in 2019. Now, the parents guide…WARNING! Contains spoilers. Sex/Nudity: 8/10: There is often rape in episodes. Also an episode is mainly about queefs, and another episode is about erections. Also, bare asses and penises are seen rarely. And in one episode, a character gets over-sized balls. Violence: 9/10: Blood has often been seen since season 8. Language: 10/10: F**k, S**t, W***e, and Ass are said in almost every episode. C**t and C**k are said rarely, and a few uses of N****r in Krazy Kripples. In one episode, S**t is said about 152 times. Also, Jimmy tries to say continuing, but stutters and says C**t. This is uncensored and very controversial. Drugs/Smoking: 6/10: Drugs are used, but not very often. Frightening/Intense Scenes: 8/10: The show is usually humorous, but can be quite intense at times. Characters are sometimes suicidal. Overall: 41/50. Suggested Age Rating: 16+.

South Park returns to cap off a second decade of comedy.The twentieth season continued to use the reason trend of serializing the episodes so that the season exists as a whole building towards a silly climax. This season tackled the onslaught of trolls across the internet especially on social media websites with Gerald Broflovski being a secret troll SkankHunt.

The season tried to capture the election but as they were stunned by the Trump win as most of the media were, they whiffed on the day after episode and had to catch up in the next few with Mr. Garrison standing in for the president. They did have the coiffed hair of our current President-elect and showed how the troll army worked in his favor.

They had turned away from their attack of PC culture in the previous season but still registered some of the cultural shifts like white men believing they have a reason to be upset at women and bashing them for their lack of opportunity in comedy. All of this didn't amount to much as this felt like a weaker season of South Park, not sure of what they wanted to say and balancing several complicated issues.

I remember back when "South Park" first came out and I thought to myself it was an awful show if only because of the animation. This is definitely something that's grown on me. Many people chastise this show for being mean spirited, but it honestly isn't. I love the episodes where they say that if you're a genuinely good person, it doesn't matter what your (religious) beliefs are. The important thing is to do the right thing and that's something my family always taught me. Contrast this with something like "Family Guy" where they say you're an idiot if you believe in God. Trey Parker said that of all the ridiculous things religion teaches, atheism is even worse as it teaches that things happen for no reason. This is a wonderfully original and insightful idea.

It's weird how people can support other shows like Bill Maher. He outright says you're a bad person because of what you think. In this show, it simply says to live your life the way you want because your ideals work for you. Maybe religion will die, but the spirit of love will always live on. While you may argue that "South Park" does not have a consistent ideology, you could say the same for the Nostalgia Critic. I'm certain you'll be offended by at least one thing they say. Controversial jokes work great if they're done well. They need to be done with no real spite like this show does. Yes, the show is quite obscene, but it definitely makes you think more than most shows.

It's hard to find a cartoon that is so topical. All you really have to do is just look at the world around you and imagine what the next episode of "South Park" will say about it. This is a great example of how pop culture reflects everyday life. The show used to be known for Kenny dying in every episode, but now rarely does it at all. This show has in fact changed for the better and it does treat the viewers with respect. My favorite character would have to be Butters. It's probably because he's the only kid who doesn't swear and he reminds me of how I was in the exact same position as a kid.

Should kids watch this? No. We spend most of our lives as adults so we'll have a lot more time to watch shows like this. It's great that the show is developing more and more of an ongoing storyline. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are great people who want you to accept who you truly are. This show is a great source of entertainment, but might be hard to follow politically. It's nice how they make fun of everyone who exists, but don't resent them. If you think that characters like Cartman are supposed to be loved, you're missing the point. Cartman exists for the role of showing the creators' frustrations towards true bigots. It seems like you're missing out on a lot by rejecting this show, but that's fine. I personally find this to be the funniest and most relevant cartoon ever made. It's certainly dark, but lacks true malice. I do think it's important to make jokes that are relevant to a story, because it's just better written. I'm glad this show has gone on so long.

Yeah, I love this!
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