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Download South Park (Season 15) (2011 USA, Comedy Central) - Lang: English (WEB MKV 720p 6.79Gb)

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Film description:

The fifteenth season of the American animated sitcom South Park began airing on Comedy Central on April 27, 2011 and ended on November 16, 2011. In response to reactions to the mid-season finale episode "You're Getting Old", which seemed to insinuate that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone were wrapping up the series, Comedy Central proclaimed through the media that South Park was renewed for two more seasons, and the duo were signed through 2013. Shortly before the airing of the season finale episode "The Poor Kid", South Park was extended again until 2016, taking the show to 20 seasons. Parker was the director and writer for all episodes, and Robert Lopez was the writer in this eleventh episode for the fifteenth season.

South Park (Season 15)

Information about the film:

Original Title: South Park
Country, Channel: USA, Comedy Central
Release Date: 2011
Genres: Animation, Comedy
Creator: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Brian Graden
Cast: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Isaac Hayes, Mona Marshall, April Stewart
Runtime: 22min
Language: English
Episodes: 14
Quality: WEB MKV 720p 6.79Gb
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South Park (Season 15)

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Creative and Intelligent, the best satire out there!

How creative are the makers of this show,making over 200 episodes, with each one (except the famous episode-Scott Tenorman must die) featuring at least two plots, each plot being somehow inexplicably and bizarrely linked to the other? Whether it was More Crap (the episode in which Bono got ripped) or Insheeption (the parody on Inception), the makers have an amazing talent of starting a story in one direction, completely veering it on its head and then proceeding, while adding further, random elements to it, all adding to the chaotic but somehow congruous final product. Southpark isn't about the witty one-liners or sarcasm that Friends was built on. It's a delightful mix of completely unsubtle and in-your-face profanity and vulgarity with satirical humor dispensed both openly and cryptically. It's bottom line is to rip on everything and everyone,from businessmen to environmentalists,from politicians to activists, no one is spared. It routinely blows normal situations to ridiculous and comical proportions and the makers set no boundaries for in this show, absolutely anything can happen. And its funny. It brings up normal everyday things, and shows us the funny side. It hardly ever takes one side, but rips on both of them. This is one of the most intelligent shows out there. It's a slap in the face of the overtly-sensitive, the conservative and the insensitive and the liberal at the same time. It's a satire. It's gross and graphic. It has no boundaries. It's racist and insensitive, but in a light manner. It's controversial and contemporary. Bottom line-It's one of the best TV shows of all time.

I love to watch the classic episodes of this show all the time. Because they are funny and cool, and Cartman's voice is my favorite, but in their later years they were still funny but not as funny as before.

Pros: The characters are well designed, the jokes based on real celebrities are funny, and the parodies of other shows are also funny. I like how they always make it so that it isn't supposed to be real life based and something really crazy of unreal happens in every episode. I also like how in most of the episodes Kenny dies, that never gets old.

Cons: In the later years Cartman's voice changed to a more serious style and that ticked me off. Also in the later years in the original production they would have bleeps in place of a character saying F--- or S---, but now they use words like that without bleeps and it crude and not funny. If you watch episodes on TV you might not notice that but when you watch it online you will. They will have a character saying (bleep)(bleep)(bleep)(bleep)etc on TV but you know if you want to see that online or on I-Tunes you will have to listen to F---,F---,F---,F--- without bleeps and nobody wants to hear that. They also might show a suggestive body part and have it blurred out or a black bar over it you may think "oh ha-ha thats funny they would not really show that on the show though", but if you think that you are dead wrong. So if you want to see the show at its funniest watch the censored version or the classic episodes.

This show is drivel and jumped the shark. These last few years must only appeal to cretins and they remind me of the last few years of The Simpsons. The last good seasons of The Simpsons were 3-8. The best episode ever was Rosebud. Lately it's all been drivel. Surely people can't enjoy this? They're cretins. This show is appalling. I'm appalled by this show. It's garbage. It's disgusting. Is this what passes for entertainment in today's society of mindless sheep? The problem is that society has jumped the shark. Cretins have jumped the shark. Cretins eat drivel for breakfast, the drivel that these shows pump out. Where's my mommy?

South park caters to both intellectuals and the sheep alike. The in your face comedy is top tier, and 99.9% of the time is incredibly original. Their are countless lines that get stuck in your head for years, and for the direct comedy alone the show is a contemporary classic.

However, the dark comedic elements, undertone, political messages, and plots of the episodes are basically the best you can get in a show. Matt and Trey are ruthless to the satirized people/cultures portrayed in the show and sometimes the parodies reflect their actual opinions.

This show is a must watch for anyone but kids under the age of 12 and soulless religious fanatics.

Funny to anyone with a sense of humour, Understood by anyone with class!
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