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TV series Game of Thrones filmed by HBO for the same book in the series “The Song of ice and fire” by George RR Martin. The plot is not intricate. Peaceful and tranquil life nearing the end. Plot is brewing in the Seven Kingdoms. King is looking for support from an old friend and comrade Eddarda Stark. Although the plots and intrigues in the minds of most people a place of honor and nobility is in this world. Meanwhile, when the leaders of the kingdom busy fighting for the throne, no one notices awakening of an ancient evil. The wall and the ancient order of the Brotherhood of the Night Watch protects from it.

Game of Thrones season 2
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When I have free time and look to be entertained, I seldom reach for a book or engage in the arduous task of reading through an expansive novel. So for me, whether or not Game of Thrones remains true to its original roots factors little when it comes to the entertainment value of a movie or television production.

When it comes to cinematic entertainment, I want to be fully engaged in the story and characters presented on screen. I want to be surprised and kept on the edge of my seat by clever writing that makes the unpredictable twists and turns of a story plot actually make sense. Actors, whose craft is so convincing, that whether you love or hate the characters they portray, they passionately inspire you to feel something… even if you find yourself shouting at the screen like a complete buffoon as if watching some sporting event. And, if left biting my nails at the end of each episode in anticipation for the following week's program --- I'll gladly pay the extra monthly fee to HBO just for the privilege!

Game of Thrones, in my humble opinion, is all that and more. In regard to overall quality, I find it even surpasses the majority of expensive movie productions being released in local theaters. While I'm hardly a professional critic, history expert or avid reader of fiction novels --- I AM a happy and passionate fan of this superb HBO series and simply wish to add my sincerely applause to the cast and crew that made this HBO production the enormous success that it is. Thank you!
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