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Game of Thrones season 5 will not bring peace in the Seven Kingdoms. Between Queen Regent Cersei and real power no longer are neither father nor ugly brother or wayward son. Now, she is the Head of the House Lannister. She's not a diplomat or politician, but her abilities enough to run the country. However, the main opponent of Cersei in the struggle for power is Margaery Tyrell, King Tommen wife. Tyrion Lannister is still on the run after killing his father. Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish has own vision and plans for the power in the Seven Kingdoms. Daenerys is still the Queen of Meereen. Rumors of her power spread throughout Westeros. But her three dragons rose and reached gigantic proportions. Daenerys loses control over them and it becomes dangerous. Dorn's people haven't forgotten the death of Oberyn Martell. His 3 daughters, whom people call "Sand Snakes" - wants revenge.

Game of Thrones season 5
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Yes, this is my favorite TVShow, and i have seen a lot of series such as Lost, Breaking Bad, White Collar, Greys Anatomy and many others, but still this is my favorite one. No i have not read the books but my cousin have told me that's the same thing. I love Game of Thrones because of it's story, the scenarios, the actors, the visual effects. I mean this series has everything anyone could love of any TV Show. The story at first is a little bit strange and you may not get anything but after at leas t5 episodes of the first season you know very good the story and how is it going. And if you relate with a specific character it may be killed, yes in this tvshow many main character got killed but i think this makes the series more special, it's completely different to other shows when the main character never gets killed. The custome its another thing that makes game of thrones very special, its absolutely awesome and perfect, again, even more than other series such as lost or NCIS. I can't simply wait for more of this series.

I watched the first season before knowing anything about the storyline, and it sucked me in; it was totally incredible! Since then I've listened to 4 of the unabridged audiobooks in the series, all of which were EXTREMELY well done from my vast experience with audiobooks. I knew the storyline before season 2 began, yet I still couldn't wait for each new episode to air. Having read the books, the episodes helped to fill in bits I may have missed or misunderstood in the books, so the 2 mediums melded together nicely. This isn't a typical cliffhanger series with new stories written each week to fill a quota; it's a television adaption of the books which are gritty, ruthless, and are completely unpredictable in their turn of events, just the way you would expect things to be if this world actually existed. It stays within the story's boundaries given the limited time allowed for the series. Like the Lord of the Ring's, both film series are linear and tell the story, but both book series are more colorful with much more depth to the stories, more sidestories and character development than the time restrictions allow. I would recommend to anyone who likes the show even a little to read the books or listen to the audiobooks (Roy Dotrice really makes the characters in the book come to life!).

Having no idea what the series was about or even that it was based on a book I accidentally

stumbled upon the very first episode of the game of thrones on a popular online TV show website. 'An HBO production', this had to be interesting, I thought. With series such as entourage, the sopranos and sex and the city setting the bar pretty high, the expectations from the first episode were already built up.

The show starts off with men hunting. The setting develops an eerie sensation as the audience realizes that it is the dead that it being hunted. The dead, in the show aren't glamorized vampires or werewolves but monsters of some sort. At this point you think to yourself, 'umm... fantasy for adults?...hmm'. This apprehension however, disappears within minutes of the sequences following it.

Game of thrones, is a show like nothing before. The underlining theme of fantasy is so realistically portrayed that the story, unimaginable in today's day and age somehow still seems plausible in another time. The complexity of the characters is so simply executed, peeling back one layer at a time that it becomes impossible to pick a favorite. Even the queen, involved in harming a 10 year old to the extent of paralysis, can be sympathized for when the antics of her disloyal husband are revealed. The show touches upon every taboo that may exist in today's society. Providing, what I feel is a sense of, liberation! The violence, the sex, the greed, the manipulation and even the hint of love are all ingredients in a very entertaining drama series.

There however, do exist some censorship issues. The nudity of women for instance, crosses the line of indecency. A scene featuring a 10 year old boy drinking his mother's breast milk is a little more than unsettling. Putting the television show aside and thinking of the child actor at the present moment, is it really necessary to expose a child to such things at such a tender age? Breast feeding an infant is appropriate to ensure healthy development but for a 10-year old boy? It almost borders on pornography, especially since kids are growing up much faster now.

Game of thrones is brutal, hard hitting and shocking. But it isn't uncommon to get so engrossed by the characters and their lives that censorship issues no longer matter. It is a thoroughly enjoyable TV series which is very well executed making every part of the show vital for its success. The creators have left very little room for improvement doing a fantastic job at every step of the way. HBO, once again lives up to expectation.
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