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Film description:

The action of TV show "The Killing" is happening within two weeks where each episode shows one day from the Sarah Linden's life. She's an experienced detective of Seattle police, who is about to retire earlier and move to sunny California with her son Jack and fiance Rick. On last working day a new detective appears in the division. His name is Stephen Holder. The rookie used to work under the lee at the Narcotics Department. Sarah and Holder are called to a crime scene: somebody found a woman’s blouse covered in blood stains and a credit card belonging to Stan Larsen at a local desolate park. The detectives head to Larsen’s house where they find out from his wife that the couple spent the weekend camping. But their older daughter, a 17-year-old Rosie stayed in the city. Nobody has seen Rosie since last Friday, the police launch active search. Eventually, they get a car belonging to Darren Richmond, a candidate for city mayor, out of a lake and find Rosie’s body in the trunk. Sarah has to postpone her departure in order to solve the case following a hot scent…

The Killing season 1
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