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Download Numb3rs season 5 (2009 USA, CBS) - Lang: English (1280x720)

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Film description:

Season five of Numbers, an American television series, first aired on October 3, 2008 and ended on May 15, 2009. The season premiere was moved back one week as a result of the presidential debates.
Season five opens three weeks after the fourth season's finale, "When Worlds Collide", with the government dropping the charges against Charlie. Charlie gets his security clearance back after he and Don fight FBI Security Officer Carl McGowan. Don begins to explore Judaism. The team adds new agent Nikki Betancourt, arriving shortly after Megan Reeve's departure. Liz receives a promotion but turns it down. Buck Winters (from "Spree" and "Two Daughters") breaks out of prison and comes after Don. Alan suddenly finds himself coaching CalSci's basketball team. David becomes Don's primary relief supervisor. DARPA tries to recruit Charlie, but he turns down their offer. Toward the end of the season, Don is stabbed, and Charlie blames himself for it. The aftermath of Don's stabbing causes Charlie to focus more on his FBI consultation work. Amita is kidnapped, and the team race to find her. After she is rescued, Charlie proposes to Amita. Her response is unknown.

Numb3rs season 5

Information about the film:

Original Title: Numb3rs
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Release Date: 2009
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Crime, Action, Thriller
Creator: Charles de Lauzirika, Amy Lowe
Cast: Nicolas Falacci, Cheryl Heuton, David Krumholtz, Rob Morrow, David W. Zucker, Dylan Shmueli, Jeremy Olson, Tony Scott
Runtime: 41–45 min
Language: English
Episodes: 23
Quality: 1280x720
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