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Film description:

A sultry vampire acts as mentor to a reluctant recruit.
Jennifer slain has been unwillingly indoctrinated into eternal life as a vampire. When they see that her hunger for primal sex is rivalled only by her thirst for blood, the other vampires show her a training ground where mortals serve only to satisfy the vampires sexual desires and carnal hunger.
In a desperate attempt to save her, Jen’s boyfriend and a vampire hunter devise a plan but may be in over their heads as danger and passion are the only laws when the dark creatures come out to embrace the darkness.

Embrace the Darkness 2

Information about the film:

Original Title: Embrace the Darkness 2
Country, Channel: USA
Release Date: 2002
Genres: Vampire, Horror, Erotica
Creator: Robert Kubilos
Cast: Jezebelle Bond, Tristen Coeur D’Alene, April Flowers, Catalina Larranaga, Katie Lohmann, John Maryland, Renee Rea, Sean Vossler
Runtime: 90min
Language: English
Quality: DVDRip AVI 608x448 1.1Gb
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  • 12 September 2016 22:20
I can't understand why some people dislike this one. There's plenty of hot sex, beautiful women, not so bad plot, striking visuals (all about the club sequences), and more.

Catalina Larranaga looks at her best. Really, she hasn't looked sexier. She has at least 4 kinky sex scenes where she demonstrates her excellent abilities in bed (and standing up!).

Renee Rea looks very cute and sexy at the same time. The girl has intense sex sequences.

Jezebelle Bond also shows why she's a favorite in the genre.

You can't ask for more. There are plenty of things to enjoy from this one.

This movie picks up right where Embrace the Darkness left off. Jennifer is now a vampire. She's also played by a different actress (Renee Rea). I liked the original Jennifer better but Renee is plenty attractive as well.

The rest of the movie plays out very much like the first one did. Jennifer meets two other vampires. The girl vampire (Catalina Larranaga) is bad, but the guy vampire is good. Most of the movie follows the same formula. Vampire gets hungry. Vampire finds a mortal who looks tasty. Vampire has sex with mortal. Vampire feeds on mortal. These vampires are all wussies though. They only kill a couple of people in the entire movie. Obviously, the story wasn't too memorable, but it held my interest enough to keep my finger off the fast forward button. There's also some pretty cool special effects used throughout.

There are nine sex scenes. Six are boy/girl. One is girl solo. One is girl/girl. One is guy/girl/girl. For the most part, the sex scenes were good and decently explicit. They all play out to completion and the actors and actresses are always audible over the background music.

The women are all attractive and deliver good performances. There are five of them that participate in the sex scenes.

There was definitely room for improvement. Katie Lohmann's masturbation scene could have been done better and Catalina Larranaga should have removed her clothes for the lesbian scene.

It's no better or worse than the first movie. If you liked that one, you'll probably be happy with this one.
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