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Film description:

Piccole labbra (Historia de Eva) - A writer returns home from World War I. He has developed a very bad case of post traumatic stress disorder. His genitalia was also blown away during the war. He contemplates suicide, but becomes interested in the 12 year old niece of the innkeeper at the place where he is recuperating. He doesn't seem to mind that he is spending so much time with her. He becomes deeply infatuated with her, but can't physically consummate any kind of relationship with her. She brightens his day, but her sexuality is just beginning to bud. When she begins to prefer a male closer to her age than the writer, the finality of the plot is set.

Piccole labbra

Information about the film:

Original Title: Piccole labbra
Country, Channel: Italy, Spain
Release Date: 1978
Genres: Drama
Creator: Mimmo Cattarinich
Cast: Pierre Clémenti, Katya Berger, Ugo Bologna, Michele Soavi, Raf Baldassarre, Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez, Barbara Ray, Tom Fellegi, Cesare Di Vito, Walter Kolombayoni
Runtime: 75min
Language: English
Quality: DVDRip MKV 480p RbA
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A famous writer returns home from war. Embittered over his wounds and tormented by visions of his former lover, thoughts of suicide seem to be the only solution.....but then she happens, Katya, a young innocent girl on the brink of exploring her own sexuality. His love for her grows into an obsession. That, at first, renews his life!

This movie is not suitable for everyone. If you have strong morals than it may be good for you to skip over this movie. If however you are able to keep and open mind about most things than you may possibly enjoy this movie as much as I did.

The best way I can explain this movie is Lolita but with no censorship on the scenes in which makes the male figure fall for the young girl. The story is way different of course but the similarities are there.

If I have a complaint it would be of the acting but then that could be more due to the age of the film, thus being a different style to what it is now.

In the end this is definitely a movie I will come back to down the track. The story was enough to keep me intrigued and did not go the way I expected so gave me a nice surprise in that regard.

I was lucky in the fact that the copy I watched was English dubbed that even though reading subtitles would have been fine it made the movie more enjoyable in that aspect. Hope everyone else is as lucky.

There was a time when one's age played less a role in relationships than our current society demands today. It was very common 2 generations ago for women of 13 years old to give birth - especially at a time of, or after war. This film shows how love can develop during such a time and provides an example of unrestricted affection. The French artist who directed this film did not feel an obligation to be sensitive to the feelings of USA viewers, so don't be swayed by the moralistic outrage these people feel obligated to spew. Watch the movie and decide for yourself. While doing so, ask yourself how WAR and VIOLENCE could have ever gained such universal and unquestioning acceptance in our current society than LOVE and SEX -- regardless the form. Which is more obscene ?
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