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Film description:

In the center of the plot of the series is the wife of the President of Mexico. She was caught up in big trouble. Emilia Urkisa believed in her husband, supported him and hoped that his presidency would bring many positive changes to her country. But she was severely disappointed in him and his political activities. She lost faith in her husband and learned an unpleasant truth about him. This strong woman will have a very difficult time. This is a story of big politics and love, betrayal and murder. The main character is involved in a loud scandal. She will be in a very difficult situation. Has she enough strength to tell the truth and to defeat very powerful enemies?

Ingobernable season 1

Information about the film:

Original Title: Ingobernable
Country, Channel: US, Netflix
Release Date: 2017
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Creator: Pedro Pablo Ibarra
Cast: Kate del Castillo, Marco Trevino, Joel Clark Ackerman, Erendira Ibarra, Alberto Guerra, Erik Hayser, Alvaro Guerrero, Aida Lopez, Alicia Jaziz, Maxi Iglesias
Runtime: 30-50 min
Language: English
Episodes: 15
Quality: 640x360p
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